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Before & After Pictures

“I suffered from hyperpigmentation and acne for years. I tried so many products and home remedies, but nothing worked. It was frustrating! It really affected my self confidence and I hated the way my skin looked. All I wanted was for my skin to be more even. I read the reviews from MB and so many people seemed to get good results. I decided to give it a shot and wow was it worth it!! I use the steamer and glovacuum. In just 3 months, my skin looks so much better! It’s like having your own mini spa at home. My mom uses it too. She says it’s her “fountain of youth.” Some of her wrinkles and fine lines have faded in just a few weeks. This journey has been amazing and I can’t wait to keep going! Thanks MB!”

"6 months ago I suffered from really bad acne as you can tell from my photo. I was not confident and honestly I never felt comfortable going out in public. I searched for a solution for what seemed like forever. I found this steamer from Maeva Beauty saying that it could get rid of my acne. Honestly I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try. Best decision I ever made! Within days I started to notice results with some areas of my face clearing up and my face feeling more hydrated than it has been. As you can tell from a photo of me today, the results speak for themselves. I am definitely more confident than what I was 6 months ago. The steamer does take a while to warm up, but once it does you are in for a treat! I only wish I had found this steamer sooner! If you are struggling with acne like I did then you have to try this steamer. It completely changed my life."

"I have been using Maeva Beauty as my skin care routine for a few months now and the results just speak for themselves. There are no words to describe how amazing and confident I feel, so I figured posting my before/after photos would help to inspire others <3"

"This has been an amazing journey for me. My skin has definitely come a long way since using MB and I haven't looked back since. The first few months I have truly seen amazing results I didn't think were possible. I can't wait to see what my skin will look after the next few months. Thank you Maeva!"

"I am so glad I found MB! My friends get facials once a month and It’s too expensive for me. I dont wanna pay $150 each month for a one time trip. Using MB products has made me feel like I have my own spa at home! I brag to my friends how I can get a facial for a fraction of the cost! MB has absolutely changed my skin and I love it! Here’s my before/after pic!"

"Wow! Maeva Beauty is just amazing. I've had such bad acne in the past and honestly just gave up on trying to figure out how to get rid of it. One of my friends that use their products recommended them to me (I used their nano face steamer) and my skin started to clear when I didn't think it was possible. I absolutely love my skin for my friend introducing me to them."


"For everyone struggling with acne or blackheads I highly recommend Maeva. I was searching high and low for something that could help me clear up my skin and after giving Maeva a try, I could not be happier with the results. I used the steamer and glo-vacuum. I started to notice a significant difference in my skin and I am thrilled I finally found something that works."