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Q: Where do you fill the water up to?

A: Please make sure the water does NOT go over the maximum water level line or the steamer will start spewing water.

Q: Can I put any kind of water in the steamer?

A: We suggest only using distilled or purified water (mineral); otherwise the steamer will clog up over time.

Q: How do I get rid of the brand new smell?

A: You might need to run a whole tank of water on the steamer before using it in order to dissipate any smell that came up from packaging.

Q: Will my moisturizer and serum work well after I steam my face?

A: Your favorite creams, serums and moisturizers will actually work better. The steam from our Nano Face Steamer increases the blood flow to your face and opens your pores for maximum absorption.

Q: Can I put essential oils in the steamer?

A: We do not recommend using any other liquid besides distilled/purified water as the steamer may clog up over time.

Q: Can the steamer be used with herbs?

A: Herbs may be added to the water, but please be sure NOT to overfill the water past the max line.

Q: How long does the steam take to come out?

A: It takes 20 seconds to 1 minute before steam starts to come out.

Q: How often should I use the steamer?

A: It primarily depends on your skin and goals, but we suggest no more than once a day.

Q: How long should I use the steamer for?

A: The steam only lasts for about 10 minutes at a time on one tank of water. 

Q: How close should my face be to the steamer?

A: We suggest keeping your face 7-8 inches from the steamer while it is steaming.

Q: How long until I start to see results?

Results may vary depending on your skin condition. Results may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.